Your choices are not limited to what you see here. These are but examples I can make any size or shape you desire I can also make it from almost any wood you wish, depending upon availability. Standard pieces are aprox 3" in diameter aprox 6" tall and are made from a single block of wood. Larger diameter pieces will sometimes be made from laminated or built up blocks. I will also make laminated pieces from various colored woods if you desire. I do not, unless at your request, use stains. I utilize the natural beauty of the woods. The lamination process will in no way affect the structural integrity of the piece. All pieces are guaranteed not to warp, split peel, or leak. The finish is 100% food safe material (2 part material) that once cured and under normal use is almost impervious to scratching, minor impact damage and any food material or drink you put in them, hot or cold. They are not microwave safe. They were once trees now they are cups. They do not like microwaves.  If you happen to drop one and it does break I can repair or replace it (for a small fee, plus shipping) to where there would be little or no visible damage and no change to the integrity. Just email me for instructions. They can be washed by hand the same as you would any fine crystal They also have one big advantage. If taken out by the pool and dropped in the water, they will float with absolutely no harm done. Please do not expose to direct sunlight for any length of time as this will degrade the finish and I cannot warrant against this type of damage. Indirect and relatively short periods of direct sunlight will not cause any harm whatsoever. I also offer solid wood display or storage boxes. These too can be of any wood or material you wish.